Robust Drive Train for a Fun Ride
The engine, transmission, and other components of the drive train work together in unity to provide high performance. The individual components enhance and complement each other for a total integrated performance, sometimes powerful, sometimes sporty. Driving the Vitara is a delight like no other – everyone will want to try it.
Freedom and Comfort, Anytime, Anywhere
What will you put in the spacious luggage space before setting off? When did you last enjoy the perfect comfortable drive? Pack your curiosity and set off to freedom with the Vitara.
Let the Panoramic Sunroof brighten up your day
An easy-to-use, fully retractable sunroof to bring in light and fresh air from the outside.
Enjoy the drive with State-Of-The-Art Connectivity
A 7-inch touchscreen display enables intuitive operation of multimedia features including audio, hands-free phone and smartphone integration. Connect your smartphone to use smartphone applications through the display, which is also equipped with radio and rear-view camera.