Affordable running cost with spacious cargo room
Smart-sized Every Van is the ideal transportation solution for busy, crowded city streets. Fusing space utility, flexible compact size with low fuel consumption and protective TECT body structure, Every Van is designed to be a perfect transporting partner
Well-appointed equipment with impressive performance
Featuring the new R06A engine and VVT technology, Every Van maximizes combustion efficiency for ultra low gas consumption. The all new Auto Gear Shift gearbox provides driving fun as it combines both automatic and manual transmission experience at the same time.

Necessary equipment are included including TECT occupants-protection technology, dual slide doors, dual airbags, user-friendly dashboard with indicators.
Large cabin and flexible seat arrangement
Inside of the cabin is bright is roomy. The seats come with high seat back and a large sliding adjustment span for more legroom. Convenient storage sections are allocated all over to provide high flexibility to transportation.

*The photo shown is slightly different from local market.
Easy loading and unloading
Every Van maximizes space utility with a surprisingly large cargo compartment. The large rear gate swings up high to the height of the roof; together with the sliding side doors on both sides that open wide, making loading and unloading easy.